An introduction. We are Gerben and Dorien Boon.

We got to know each other while we were both studying in Leiden and got married in 2009. Our first child was born in September 2014, Boaz!

Gerben is a tropical doctor. In order to complete his study, he has worked on the surgery floor in the Dutch ‘Havenziekenhuis’ and on the Gynecology department in the Bronovo hospital. Thereafter, he completed the tropical course of the Royal Institute for the Tropics. Until his departure in January 2014, he worked as a general practitioner.

Dorien is a nurse and has gained experience in a number of hospitals at various different departments. She has completed the tropical course for nurses in the Havenziekenhuis.

We both have the desire to use our medical skills for people that live in poverty. By doing so, we want to be bearers of our faith and Jesus’ call to look after those around us in a very practical manner. It is our desire to show Jesus love to these people.